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Reverse Osmosis Plants

500LPH RO System with Glassmedia, Water Softener and Ozone treatment

Water Treatment

Pure Water 4 Life specialize in domestic and industrial water purification and we can provide customized solutions to treat your water. It is always important to first do a water analysis on the water that you intend to treat. This will prevent you from over spending on potentially unnecessary equipment.

There are different methods to treat water. Some of these include industrial Reverse Osmosis plants, water softening, iron removal, disinfection and basic filtration. Allow us the opportunity to present you with the best and most affordable solution, based specifically on your individual needs and water analysis results. Packaged Reverse Osmosis plants can also be supplied for bottling plants.

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Packaged Reverse Osmosis Systems. Now Available for Water Shops and to treat Borehole water

Pure Water 4 Life can provide packaged reverse osmosis systems from 250lts/hr to 1500lts/hr for low TDS feed waters (Incoming water supply TDS < 2000ppm).

We can supply the necessary pre-filtration based on water analysis supplied by the client to accurately assess the pre-filtration needed before the reverse osmosis unit. This will prevent RO membranes from fouling as well as reduce maintenance costs.

Please send us your SANS 241-1:2015 water analysis report on your Borehole or Wellpoint water for advice.

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