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Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators

What is Ozone?

  • Ozone is a gas, which is formed naturally by UV rays from the sun, as well as during a thunderstorm when lightning strikes. 
  • Ozone is formed when many Oxygen molecules separate from the O2 molecule and reattach is groups of 3, forming O3 molecules, which is called Ozone.

What does Ozone do?

  • Ozone is a very strong oxidant. It oxidises, sterilises and kills any micro-organism (Including COVID-19/Corona Virus) that it comes into contact with. Micro-organisms include viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, mold, and mildew. Micro-organisms cannot develop resistance or immunity to Ozone
  • Ozone is a strong deodoriser. It neutralises odours by eliminating the source of the odours, micro-organisms, and by breaking down certain pollutants and air-borne chemicals.

Benefits of using Ozone

  • Oxidation by Ozone is a completely natural process.
  • Ozone leaves NO chemical residue once process is complete.
  • Micro-organisms cannot develop an immunity or resistance against Ozone.
  • There is virtually a 99.9% kill rate on all bacteria, parasites and viruses, including COVID-19/Corona Virus, when Ozone is utilised.
  • Ozone generators are self sustaining as its main source is oxygen from the air.
  • Being a gas, Ozone can penetrate all areas where as chemical cannot reach certain areas.

Why Not Just Use Chemicals?

  • Chemical sprays used to clean the air or water leave behind a residue, which is unhealthy and sometimes dangerous to humans. Ozone does not leave any chemical residue behind.
  • Ozone eliminates odours by eliminating the source of the odour, whereas chemicals only mask the odours.
  • Ozone works 3000 times faster and is 2.5 times stronger than chlorine. 

Is Ozone Dangerous?

  • Only low levels of Ozone is required to kill micro-organisms, and therefore Ozone generators produce only low Ozone levels, which are not uncomfortable or dangerous to humans.

Where Can Ozone Be Used?

  • Disinfection of rooms, houses, basements, warehouses, offices, shops, changing rooms, hotels, guesthouses, Air B&B's hospitals, Medical Practitioner consultation rooms, and many more.
  • Disinfection of swimming pools and drinking water.
  • Disinfection of air-conditioners in buildings and cars.
  • Disinfection of cars.
  • Disinfection used in restoring damaged buildings, for example water damage.
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