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Ozone Generators

What is Ozone?

  • Ozone is a gas, which is formed naturally by UV rays from the sun, as well as during a thunderstorm when lightning strikes. 
  • Ozone is formed when many Oxygen molecules separate from the O2 molecule and reattach is groups of 3, forming O3 molecules, which is called Ozone.

What does Ozone do?

  • Ozone is a very strong oxidant. It oxidises, sterilises and kills any micro-organism (Including COVID-19/Corona Virus) that it comes into contact with. Micro-organisms include viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, mold, and mildew. Micro-organisms cannot develop resistance or immunity to Ozone
  • Ozone is a strong deodoriser. It neutralises odours by eliminating the source of the odours, micro-organisms, and by breaking down certain pollutants and air-borne chemicals.

Benefits of using Ozone

  • Oxidation by Ozone is a completely natural process.
  • Ozone leaves NO chemical residue once process is complete.
  • Micro-organisms cannot develop an immunity or resistance against Ozone.
  • There is virtually a 99.9% kill rate on all bacteria, parasites and viruses, including COVID-19/Corona Virus, when Ozone is utilised.
  • Ozone generators are self sustaining as its main source is oxygen from the air.
  • Being a gas, Ozone can penetrate all areas where as chemical cannot reach certain areas.

Why Not Just Use Chemicals?

  • Chemical sprays used to clean the air or water leave behind a residue, which is unhealthy and sometimes dangerous to humans. Ozone does not leave any chemical residue behind.
  • Ozone eliminates odours by eliminating the source of the odour, whereas chemicals only mask the odours.
  • Ozone works 3000 times faster and is 2.5 times stronger than chlorine. 

Is Ozone Dangerous?

  • Only low levels of Ozone is required to kill micro-organisms, and therefore Ozone generators produce only low Ozone levels, which are not uncomfortable or dangerous to humans.

Where Can Ozone Be Used?

  • Disinfection of rooms, houses, basements, warehouses, offices, shops, changing rooms, hotels, guesthouses, Air B&B's hospitals, Medical Practitioner consultation rooms, and many more.
  • Disinfection of swimming pools and drinking water.
  • Disinfection of air-conditioners in buildings and cars.
  • Disinfection of cars.
  • Disinfection used in restoring damaged buildings, for example water damage.
Model: COMPZ-L1000
1000mg per hour Ozone GeneratorThis 1000mg/h Ozone Generator is designed to sanitise air, water and for basic treatments.The unit comes complete with tubing and diffuser stone. The unit can be used for:RestaurantsBottling PlantsWater Bar Dispenser Refill TankHotelsHomesLaundriesDog ParloursKitc..
Ozone Air Purifier Ozone Air Purifier
-43 %
Wall-mounted ozone sanitiser (200mg/hr) with 4 timer settings for permanent ozone deliveryThe Airzone OdoFree Air Freshener operates continuously, applying set amounts of ozone at desired levels to maintain clean, purified, odour free air in washrooms, toilets, garbage or smoking areas. Designed..
R1,199.00 R2,099.00
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