-11% 20 inch Big Blue Water Filter Replacement Pack

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20 inch Big Blue Water Filter Replacement Pack

  • Brand: Hydro Wellness
  • Product Code: CBB Cartridges and Filters
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We only stock high quality products.

3 Stage Filtration pack will fit in any of the 20 inch big blue housings and includes the following:

Stage 1: 50 Micron polypropylene  filter that wil remove sediment, silt, rust and lose particles to ensure clear water

Stage 2: High Quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon filter see explanation underneath *

Stage 3: 5 Micron polypropolene sediment  polishing filter

Filters should be replaced from 3 months and up depending on incoming water quality

* Please note: 

Coconut-shell based activated carbons are predominantly microporous and are the least dusty, thus, they are very efficient when it comes to organic chemical adsorption. Compared to other types of activated carbon, coconut-shell based activated carbon filters have the highest hardness, which makes them ideal for water purification.

Apart from these unique properties, coconut shells are also an eco-friendly and a renewable resource for water purification. Coconut fruits are harvested three times per year and their harvest has no negative impact on the coconut trees and will continue to grow throughout the year. Further advantages of the coconut-shell based activated carbon lie in the following: coconut shell carbon filters adsorb volatile organic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, disinfection by-products like THM, remove halogens from water and improve appearance and taste of drinking water.

Big Blue filters dimensions:

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